1. Pink- The Animated Music Video Update V.02

    More draft shots! ENJOY!

  2. Pink- The Animated Music Video Update V.01

    So the money for the Kickstarter has finally been processed and now I can start on getting the merch purchased, ordered, and created! Thanks again to everyone who helped out, all of you made this campaign really really amazing! My 1st music video will be one to remember!!

    Here are some screen shots from what’s being drafted at the moment! 

  3. Back2Pluto Interview with Curbside Jones

    check out my interview with Back2Pluto!! Click here to read 

    -Sorry for the delayed post…sxsw was hectic. 

  4. Red Mage

    the new single is now live!! visit TheTapeDeck to hear it first http://thetapedeck.net/2014/03/tapedeck-world-premier-curbside-jones-red-mage/

  5. We MADE It!!!

    well guys we reached our kickstarter goal and then some! We finished strong with $2,325 and 79 backers!!! Don’t worry, more updates will be coming to those who backed and there will also be ones for those who didn’t! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE! This will be my 1st music video and I’m so proud of how it’s turning out! 


  6. KTSW 89.9 SXSW Showcase

    Come out and see us

  7. Red Mage Premier 3.5.14 on The Tape Deck


    Tune in on 3.5.14 for the premier! www.thetapedeck.net 

  8. Pawn Takes King 4 SXSW Showcase

    I’ll be going on at 2:50 and ending at 3:10…I’ll keep you guys posted! There’s another show I’m going to be doing during SXSW earlier in the week! Cheers

  9. Can I Haz Art Book?

    well folks we reached our stretch goal last week!! that means art books!!! :3 if you still haven’t checked out the kick starter and want to, click the link here- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/curbsidejones/pink-the-animated-music-video

    PS- Sorry for the late update lol

  10. We Reached Our Goal!

    So in less than a week we reached our goal on kickstarter…this means a lot to me because I honestly didn’t think anyone would care enough to donate or even look into it. All backers will be receiving a new song from me this month!! I’ll release it to the public sometime later! Thanks again guys! Stay tuned for more updates! 

    if you haven’t contributed and want to be an active part of the experience click this link- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/curbsidejones/pink-the-animated-music-video