1. Holy Mountain show Aug. 11th

    Doors at 9 PM come out and see some Austin hip hop with special guests Dark Time Sunshine!

    Tickets are $8 - Click here to purchase one!

  2. Music Video Update Ver. (I lost count)

    cheers! we’re almost there!

  3. WakeUpSuper! (+ DLC)



    Ever had a quarter-life crisis and recorded it and provided the vocal tracks because you were interested in seeing what others could do with them? Yeah…me neither. I’ve provided the vocal tracks so you producers and djs can have a little fun while you’re enjoying this beatiful summer!  

    Artwork- Curbside Jones 
    Mixing- Curbside Jones 
    Production- Curbside Jones 
    Songwriting- Curbside Jones 

    Bandcamp link- http://music.curbsidejones.com/album/wakeupsuper-dlc

    Audiomack link- http://www.audiomack.com/album/curbside-jones/wakeupsuper-dlc

  4. (dot)MPEG (Prod. By Curbside Jones)

    This song will be featured on www.reupspot.com's new mixtape "Sixteens" which will kick off their 5th anniversary as a site! go jam this and share it with your friends! Sixteens will feature- Hollywood Floss, K.Sparks, Myself and many others! Expect something semi new from me in the following weeks before the month is over! CHEERS! 

    "WakeUpSuper (+DLC)"- 6/whenever/14 

  5. Pigeon John x Curbside Jones x Holy Mountain Show


    Tickets available at www.holymountainaustin.com 

  6. The Shirts Have ARRIVED!

    So I got my shirts in 2 days early..that’s always fun right? So remember when I changed the colors? I think that was a sign because…well you’ll see in the pics! :3 that wasn’t intentional at all! CHEERS!!

    (Shirt in pictures is a size SMALL)

  7. Good life x AMX Show on the 16th

    I go on at 12:55..20 min set…come out, have fun

  8. PINK-Trading Card Game

    Pink Skies the game won’t be ready any time soon and to make up for it, I’ve decided to give those who contributed to my kickstarter another type of game. Pink- The Trading Card Game…The idea is simple, take things that will be in the video and make cards out of them, something that adds onto, and extends the visual. I will be putting together more designs in the future after the video is complete and packaging them as booster packs! Those who contributed to the kickstarter will get this limited edition card. The cards are being put into production…sorry if you missed out! limited 100/100…gotta catch them all lol



  9. New T-shirt Design

    If you haven’t been checking out the kickstarter updates you might be a little out of the loop…now worries, I’ll catch you up! 

    I had to change some things on the t-shirt because I had too many colors and (place only allows 6 and I think I had like 7 or 8).  So here is the new look..I should be getting them by the 16th…holla


  10. Pink- The Animated Music Video Update V.02

    More draft shots! ENJOY!