1. Pink: The Animation (Trailer)

    #FindYourBow at http://pinkanimation.com

  2. Lucky Lounge Show 8-30-14

    basically an impromptu performance for DKTHGK and I, but we still had fun with it.

  3. Merch Available!!






    Get your Curbdiddy merch TODAY! http://music.curbsidejones.com/merch

  4. Failed Utopia: Reanalyzed


    Imagine returning to the world of the living after death and seeing life with new eyes, what would you do different? Follow the eyes of a man who is trying to figure out the world around him. Newly remastered/reworked, changing the experience of the 2012 offering! 

    Almost Always = Corey Arnell x Curbside Jones

    Download and or purchase your copy today! http://music.curbsidejones.com/album/failed-utopia-reanalyzed

  5. Scratch The Surface Podcast

    I was recently approached by Skinny B about being featured on his music podcast, and of course I said yes. I answered a few questions for him and he followed through and put some jams from “WakeUpSuper!” on it! Check it out below! Big ups to the UK and everyone else who had their music featured! Follow Scratch The Surface on soundcloud

  6. Holy Mountain show Aug. 11th

    Doors at 9 PM come out and see some Austin hip hop with special guests Dark Time Sunshine!

    Tickets are $8 - Click here to purchase one!

  7. Music Video Update Ver. (I lost count)

    cheers! we’re almost there!

  8. WakeUpSuper! (+ DLC)



    Ever had a quarter-life crisis and recorded it and provided the vocal tracks because you were interested in seeing what others could do with them? Yeah…me neither. I’ve provided the vocal tracks so you producers and djs can have a little fun while you’re enjoying this beatiful summer!  

    Artwork- Curbside Jones 
    Mixing- Curbside Jones 
    Production- Curbside Jones 
    Songwriting- Curbside Jones 

    Bandcamp link- http://music.curbsidejones.com/album/wakeupsuper-dlc

    Audiomack link- http://www.audiomack.com/album/curbside-jones/wakeupsuper-dlc

  9. (dot)MPEG (Prod. By Curbside Jones)

    This song will be featured on www.reupspot.com's new mixtape "Sixteens" which will kick off their 5th anniversary as a site! go jam this and share it with your friends! Sixteens will feature- Hollywood Floss, K.Sparks, Myself and many others! Expect something semi new from me in the following weeks before the month is over! CHEERS! 

    "WakeUpSuper (+DLC)"- 6/whenever/14 

  10. Pigeon John x Curbside Jones x Holy Mountain Show


    Tickets available at www.holymountainaustin.com